Quddous Ahmed

I myself experienced homelessness a few years ago, however being a single adult male, I wasn't a high enough priority for housing despite suffering from severe mental health issues. Luckily, I had an amazing support network around me that kept me lifted and focussed on the future. I was working as a bicycle courier at the time.

Shortly after I was on the streets, I got a job as a Project Manager at an international humanitarian charity and began working across six African countries lifting entire communities out of poverty. It is with that same multi-faceted approach that I hope to tackle homelessness in Hounslow with.

Currently, I run an arts organisation putting on weekly creative events and workshops in and around West London. I would not be here had it not been for the positivity and support of my friends and local community organisations.


Being born and raised in Hounslow, I have a deep affinity with my hometown. I hope to leave this place in a better state than I found it for the generations that are to come.

I have learned that we have an innate power as human beings to lift others up and it is our duty to help others, especially if we've been there ourselves. This website is the culmination of a four year project. Read more here.

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